Records continue to fall at Rio

Phil Hellmuth
'Record Man' lives up to title

Rolling into its second week, the 2007 World Series of Poker has, as expected, seen records falling by the wayside like ladies in a Patrik Antonius wake.

The two latest records to fall: The largest number of players ever in a single day, and most ever WSOP cashes - the latter broken by the current record-holder Phil Hellmuth.

The former: set yesterday with a record 3,009 players - split between the 2,628 entries in $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em and the 381 players in the $2,500 H.O.R.S.E. championship - breaking the previous record of 2,998, set just last week.

The latter: Now up to a record 59 cashes and counting in WSOP events for Hellmuth, who assured himself of a cash in the aforementioned Hold'em event tp break his own still-fresh record of 58 also set at this year's Series.

No single day in the 38-year history of the WSOP has been busier than yesterday and according to WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack the huge turnout is believed to be the biggest tournament day of any poker event held anywhere.

 "We are off to a terrific start this year," Pollack said in a release. "I continue to believe this will be the best World Series of Poker ever."

The largest poker tournament ever is still the 2006 WSOP Main Event with 8,773 total players. But since Day 1 action was split across four separate days, only about 2,200 players hit the felt a day, making yesterday the biggest on record.

The 381 players in the H.O.R.S.E. tournament were also a record high.




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