Reality TV's American Poker Champion Challenge

The American Poker Champion Challenge (APC Challenge) will be filmed over 12 days and broadcast over the course of 7 weeks.

Contestants will hail from 9 different No-Limit Hold'em qualifying tournaments, which will be held at host locations. Twenty-seven players will advance from these qualifiers to participate in the challenge, where they will joined by a number of celebrity guest players.

A 'Survivor'-like series, contestants will be playing on teams but rooming with players from a different team. They will compete in weekly 'Pro-Challenges' where they will have the opportunity to win cash and knock fellow players out of the tournament: The first player to lose all of their chips at their weekly 'Pro-Challenges' table will be sent packing. However, players who win at their table one week (by amassing all of the chips) will be exempt from being knocked out the following week.

Celebrity guest players will be thrown into the poker playing mix each week in order to bring the challenge to another level. Indeed, the competition is set-up through a string of shifty alliances, with only 9 players making the final table. First place winner will be crowned the 'American Poker Champion' and awarded $1 million.

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