Razz is a popular lowball variant of seven-card stud. Below you will find the most popular rooms that offer Razz games.

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Razz Poker Games

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About Razz Poker

Razz is a variant of 7 card stud. It is played lowball and your goal is to have the lowest possible hand. The best possible hand in razz is 5,4,3,2,A. The game is usually played in a limit style with fixed betting limits.

The game begins when everyone antes up. The players are then all dealt two cards down and one card up. The player with the highest up card has to "bring it in" which is a starter bet that is usually one half the small bet. Play then proceeds like regular seven card stud.

At the end of the hand the players remaining in the hand should have 4 cards up and three cards down. The player with the lowest possible hand is awarded the pot. Ex 65432 would beat 7543A because the first one is "6 high" and second is "7 high".

Razz poker has been gaining popularity recently. It is a bracelet event at the series and it is also the R in "HORSE". You should play Razz like you would any other lowball game. Only proceed with the hand if you have a good shot at making a low hand. Pairs and High cards are no good!

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