Ray Romano: WSOP is “Adrenaline Rush Beginning to End” (Video)

Ray Romano WSOP 2013
Ray Romano chats with PokerListings.com about how much he loves the WSOP.

Television star and comedian Ray Romano is a regular at the WSOP Main Event but this year he set a new personal best and became the last celebrity standing by making it to Day 3.

“There are two trips a year that are an adrenaline rush from beginning to end,” Romano told PokerListings.com.

“One is Pebble Beach when I play in the golf Pro-Am with the pros and try to make the cut,” he said.

“I've played that 12 years and made the cut once. I've played the Main Event six times and I'd consider cashing to be the equivalent of making the cut. But the feeling is the same. I can't sleep at night.

“This is even crazier because you're just sitting down! At the Pro-Am you're playing golf and Tiger Woods is right there next to you.

“And the added excitement of this trip is that it could be over in five minutes. At Pebble Beach you know it's going to last three days but here you could be out in five minutes or it could last seven days.”

Unfortunately 2013 won't be the year Romano realizes his dream of cashing in the world's biggest poker tournament. He was eliminated shortly after speaking to PokerListings.com when he woke up with pocket kings and ran into pocket aces.

Romano is a poker enthusiast but he's under no illusions about how he stacks up against the pros who make a living playing big buy-in events like the WSOP Main Event.

“Back at home I play in a once-a-month game and the term apples and oranges isn't even big enough to compare it to this,” explained Romano.

“I wish the Main Event was turbo because then I'd have a chance. In the long run these guys are just going to grind you down and that's what's happening.”

Ray Romano Dreams of Winning Main Event, Can't Sleep at Night

Check out our video interview with Ray Romano below to hear it straight from the man himself.

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