Rant: Free Chocolate at EPT Events is a Wasted Opportunity

Chips and candy

Last week the European Poker Tour announced a sponsorship deal with Austrian chocolate distributor, Suesswaren Grasel.

The outcome means poker players attending EPT Season 11 and 12 stops will receive free chocolate bars.

Chocolate bars.

Are you kidding me?

The Year of Fruits and Vegetables

I’m nearing the end of my six-week stint at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and it’s nice to be able to report that my abiding memory of this year is the mirror opposite of last year.

Faraz Jaka
Faraz Jaka knows where the vitamins lie.

The 44th Annual WSOP was the year of the weed. Everywhere I went the place stunk of it.

But this year things were a lot different. Weed was out and fruit and vegetables were in.

I lost count of the number of players that were in tip-top shape due to an awakening - a realization that in order to live longer they have to take care of their mind and body.

Marvin Rettenmaier, Andrew Lichtenberger, Bryn Kenney, Daniel Negreanu, Ryan D’Angelo, Ronit Chamani and Jason Koon are just a few of the players who pay close attention to the fuel they pour down their throats.

And with good reason. In the life-changing book Fat Chance by Robert Lustig, he states:

“In a nutshell, your body fat is your biggest long-term risk for infirmity. Nothing correlates with diabetes, heart disease, and cancer better than your fat.

“There is no fat accumulation without insulin. Insulin shunts sugar to fat. It makes your fat cells grow. The more insulin, the more fat, period.”

Why Not a Deal for Free Nuts?

Our levels of insulin secretion have doubled since 1975 and high insulin is responsible for 75-80 per cent of all obesity.

EPT London 2011 Day 1B
A double-edged sword for thousands of poker players.

Did you know that Saudi Arabia and Malaysia have the highest rates of Type 2 diabetes in the world? Do you know why?

It’s because they have a real problem when it comes to consuming large quantities of soft drinks. Soft drinks that contain sugar.

“Sugar is more dangerous that its calories. Sugar is a toxin. Plain and simple,” says Lustig.

With 30% more obese people on the planet than the undernourished, and with a sedentary lifestyle coming third on the biggest-killers list behind tobacco and poor nutrition, the EPT will give the people who are employed in one of the most sedentary lifestyles in the world free chocolate.

What a wasted opportunity.

The decision came, they say, after feedback from players who said they were very happy to receive free chocolate bars during EPT10 in Vienna and San Remo.

I wonder if they tried an alternative, healthier substance?

Why haven’t they created a deal to provide free fruit, nuts, juices or smoothies?

Sugar is a Killer

Why do you think the world is seriously starting to consider introducing sugar taxation? It’s because it’s killing us.

Fast Asleep
Sugar: It's killing us.

Sugar is in everything that we eat and drink. It’s unavoidable.

But to be handed it on a plate - thank you very much.

“We are certain that players will think this is a sweet new addition on the EPT circuit,” said EPT President Edgar Stuchly. 

Some of them will, Mr. Stuchly. Some of them will.

But sugar is a toxin. Sugar is a killer.

And it’s now being handed out for free at EPT events.

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