Ragen70 Rocks, Hansen Drops: High-Stakes Winners & Losers

Niklas “ragen70” Heinecker made an impressive return to the highest stakes imaginable on Full Tilt Poker this week.

The Hamburg-born player clobbered the 2-7 tables four days in a row and earned more than one million dollars.

Also in the top 5 of the week: French player Alexandre Luneau, KagomeKagome, and Niki Jedlicka. Former flagships Phil Ivey, Viktor Blom, and Gus Hansen have been having some issues, however.

Since Heinecker chose to get his tracking blocked at the beginning of the year, he temporarily stepped out of the spotlight of the nosebleed tables.

Last week, however, his results became so good on a daily basis, that he re-conquered the headlines. From Monday to Wednesday he won $591k, $310k, and $514k, respectively.

niklas heinecker winnershot
Another big win for Niklas Heinecker.

According to highstakesDB, these results catapulted Heinecker to the top of the yearly leaderboard.

By Dirk Oetzmann

Niki Jedlicka Returns to Crush

On Thursday, he had to give that lead to Niki Jedlicka, though. The Viennese player, well-known online under his nicknames RealAndyBeal and KaiBuxxe, had not played on Full Tilt Poker in a long time.

However, it seems that the cash games that ran parallel to the EPT Vienna have given him the motivation to return to online high stakes.

He sat at an 8-Game table for about the hours over three sessions, and at the end he had added about $500,000 to his bankroll.

The third player who went on a roll last week was Alexandre alexonmoon Luneau. The French player was already considered a specialist in draw poker, when Heinecker and the others hadn’t even heard about 2-7.

Luneau played some very profitable lowball AND 8-Game sessions, taking almost a million dollar from players like Patrik Antonius and No_Ola in the process. This was good enough for second place in the weekly rankings.

Blom, Hansen, Ivey Hit Hardest in High Stakes

Phil Ivey
That Polarizing screen name isn't really working out.

On the losing side of the table: Viktor Blom, Gus Hansen, and Phil Ivey. Since Full Tilt’s relaunch, Ivey lost 3.4 million dollar on the site, and maybe he also lost the title of being “the world’s best all-round player”.

Ivey was involved in the biggest hand of the week, though, although not until the river. It played out on a $300/$600 NLHE table with Dmitry Rhje Yaskevich, regular Denoking, Phil Polarizing Ivey, and Isaac LuvtheWNBA Haxton.

All the money went in pre-flop – the money of Haxton and Denoking, that is – whereas Phil Ivey folded after his initial raise.

The pot grew up to $192k, when the board was dealt twice:



And these were the hands face up:



Denoking was dominating and won both halves of the pot.

The Week and Year of Online High Stakes Poker:*

Winners of the week

    • Niklas Ragen70 Heinecker, $1.362.328
    • Alexandre Alexonmoon Luneau, $940.369
    • KagomeKagome, $534.532
    • Niki Jedlicka, $375.033
    • Hac trex313 Dang, $284.831

    Losers of the week:

      • Gus Hansen, $-1.029.238
      • Viktor Isildur1 Blom, $-883.311
      • samrostan, $-730.391
      • Phil Polarizing Ivey, $-321.337
      • CrazyElior, $-311.076

      Winners 2014:

        • Niklas Ragen70 Heinecker, $1.362.328
        • Dan jungleman12 Cates, $1.032.838
        • Douglas WCGRider Polk, $760.028
        • Alexandre Alexonmoon Luneau, $752.735
        • Max mikki696 Lehmanski, $559.221

        Losers 2014:

          • Gus Hansen, $-2.784.306
          • samrostan, $-1.238.468
          • Phil OMGClayAiken Galfond, $-972.465
          • Phil Polarizing Ivey, $-677.759
          • Alex IReadYrSoul Millar, $-571.401

          *Numbers may differ from official tracking websites. PokerListings is collecting data on a daily basis from several resources to get the most precise numbers.

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