Racetracks to decide whether to add casino-style table games to the slot machines.

State Sen. Andrew McKenzie is going to introduce a bill in 4 countries with racetracks

To decide whether to add casino-style table games to the slot machines that already that already accrue $854 million profit annually.

Pennsylvania is bound to follow, despite the fact that its slot machine casinos aren't operating and lots of loose strings need to be tied, memos are also passed around to gather co-sponsors for a bill.

The idea of expanding gambling in Pennsylvania was proposed by House Minority Leader H. William DeWeese, of Greene County, and Democratic Whip Mike Veon, of Beaver County, memos are also passed around to gather co-sponsors for a bill.

DeWeese was overheard saying that though legislation would not go far at this point in time their intent is to start a debate about adding blackjack, poker and roulette.

One more person who is in absolute favour of this plan is Gov. Ed Rendell, who strongly supported this move for slot machines. Studies reveal that about 80 percent of casino patrons are involved in slot machines but seeing poker tournaments everywhere on Cable channels, is renewing the interest in this card game.

This was correctly stated by Rudd after a research was carried on Volunteer fire departments in Western Pennsylvania,they have conducted card games that have attracted hundreds of players paying entrance fees of more than $100.

A large percentage of gamblers from Pennsylvania and Ohio are regular patrons at the two West Virginia racetracks which is located at a place that's not more than an hour's drive. No wonders they want to go on the way it is.

White said, 'Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming Resort' in Chester, an absolutely equipped racetrack, estimated that 35 percent of its players are Pennsylvanians and 56 percent are from Ohio.

While Wheeling Island Racetrack & Gaming Center, a track in Wheeling, accounted 53 percent of its slots players came from Pennsylvania and 37 percent from Ohio.

The two race tracks are concerned about the arrival of slot machines. In July,the first one to receive a casino license will be The Meadows.

Rafferty stated that Wheeling Island employees would join other members of the West Virginia Racing Association who are insisting on a passage of McKenzie's bill.

A recent survey, commissioned by the racing association, resulted in knowing that,When told that Pennsylvania's slot machines could be a threat to the revenue the four tracks now provide, majority of West Virginians, were all for the idea proposed.

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