Purple Lounge Poker launches Battle of the Sexes

It's an age-old question: What really is the better gender, male or female? Purple Lounge Poker seeks to answer it once in for all as men and women show off their poker skill, wit and nerve in a four-month tournament war on the site.

Starting May 1, the site will host qualification poker tournaments that will lead up to a grand final tournament in August at a location in London.

There, men and women will play face-to-face in order to find out which gender will claim the title as the better poker player.

The online tournament will be played out in stages. Players will have the chance to qualify twice weekly via freerolls or through a $10+$1 buy-in tournament, with all winners moving on to the semi-final at the end of each stage.

Twelve players, six men and six women, will advance to the grand final. They will be flown to London courtesy of Purple Lounge Poker where they will participate in a live tournament to determine the final winner.

The winner will be sent to play in the Purple Lounge poker grand final of the Swedish poker tour in August, where he or she will compete with 29 other finalists for a trip to Macau.

Visit Purple Lounge Poker for the full qualifier schedule and to get in on the fun.

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