Pros bring home the bacon, lose the farm online

Patrik Antonius
Patrik Antonius is known as Luigi66369 at FullTilt Poker.

High-stakes online poker favorites Brian Townsend, Patrik Antonius, David Benyamine and their undulating bankrolls were at the tables this week, seeing wins ride as high as $371,000 and losses sink as low as $135,000.

Over at Full Tilt Poker, Patrik Antonius - using the name Luigi66369 - came up against player Ziigmund heads-up in Pot-Limit Omaha, reports the Web site High Stakes Database.

Antonius took an early lead, scooping some nice pots including an $86,000 hand after dusting Ziigmund's eights with queens. In a later hand, Ziigmund went all-in on the river, only to be called by Antonius who had flopped a set of sevens that were good for the $157,444 pot.

He also picked up another $80,000 pot that, combined with some other decent sessions, put him up $371,000 Thursday.

Ziigmund came out on top Wednesday, though, making $260,000 from a $200/$400 game of six-handed Pot-Limit Omaha. There, Brian "sbrugby" Townsend also managed a substantial cash of $175,000 while David Benyamine dipped $113,000 in the negative.

A day earlier, Ziigmund went at it with Townsend at FullTilt Poker in a late night session of $300/$600 No-Limit Hold'em, writes the High Stakes Poker Report.

Sitting at the table Journey, Townsend relieved player perkyshmerky of $257,000 in under two hours to help polish his Tuesday with a $427,000 profit from heads-up action. perkyshmerky, however, was probably not as jaunty as his name suggests. He finished the day $354,000 in the red.

Perhaps he can commiserate with Benyamine, who's been having some tough luck at the tables of late. Playing $200/$400 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em, the Frenchman dropped $92,000 in 80 minutes Tuesday, according to the High Stakes Poker Report.

But there is a plus side to the story: The previous day Benyamine was up at least $204,000 at FullTilt's Canfield and Bennett tables playing the same game. There, it was Townsend with the bruised bankroll, as he leaked $135,000 at the tables.

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