Prop Bets Gone Good: Roy Bhasin Wagers on His Own Health

Having trouble getting motivated to change some part of your life? Maybe you should put a wager on it.

That’s exactly what Team PokerStars Pro online member Roy “GodLikeRoy” Bhasin did and he’s already reaping the benefits.

Bhasin bet a friend in Las Vegas $2,500 that he would walk an average of 10,000 steps every day and meditate 100 times between September and the end of the year.

The goals are hardly impossible (Bhasin’s friend is trying to gain eight pounds of muscle and play 80 live poker sessions in the same time frame) but that’s not really the point of the bet.

This isn’t about scoring cash from your friend, it’s about getting the proper motivation to make changes.

“It’s definitely positive,” said Bhasin while on break from the 2014 WSOP APAC. “It’s a bet that’s forcing us to improve our lives, our health and everything.”

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Roy Bhasin
Roy Bhasin

Bhasin, a noted online Pot-Limit Omaha specialist, spends long hours at his computer racking up wins.

“I think it’s good to get those steps in every day,” said Bhasin.

Bhasin says he’s already feeling better thanks to the bet and as a result his poker results have been improving over the last month.

It’s not exactly an uncommon occurrence in the poker world with numerous players shedding serious pounds in hopes of winning a huge weight-loss bet.

Bhasin took it beyond the standard weight-loss bet, however, and was looking to enhance several aspects of his life.

“There are all sorts of good things that can come from prop bets if it’s the type of bet where you’re trying to improve some part of your life,” he said.

That’s the interesting thing about making that kind of bet: There are rarely any real losers.

Even if someone falls short of their goal, they are still likely to generate positive change in their lives.

“If you both succeed it’s a wash,” Bhasin said. “It’s not like you’re necessarily risking a huge amount. It's also fun.”

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