prls17 doubles-up on freeroll wins

Prize money

Another $3,000 freeroll provided by Full Tilt Poker and has come and gone, resulting in a two-time winner.

Last week we reported on prls17's win of the freeroll, and he returned to take it down again this past weekend. With the win, he adds another $750, free of charge, to his bankroll.

The 35-year-old Belfast native plans to use his freeroll winnings to play more poker. He told that he currently plays about four to five times per week, and has only been playing poker for a year.

A news agent by trade, prls17 got interested in the game after seeing it played on television. Now he's a regular on Full Tilt Poker, which he considers the best site he's ever played on.

He's also a regular at, which he visits every week.

"It's excellent for information and everything about poker," prls17 said.

That information came in handy to help put prls17 on the list as a two-time winner of the freeroll. Last week's win was his biggest online win to date.

Now he doubles-up on his biggest win so far with Saturday's freeroll win. The Top 10 players in the freeroll were:

Place Name Prize
1st prls17 $750
2nd BDMc17 $465
3rd golden ridge $337.50
4th Quisaz $262.50
5th mike24778 $185
6th rentedmuke $142.50
7th nina23 $93
8th AmateurJr $75
9th pcope5316 $58.50
10th soarsoar $33

After his first freeroll win last week, prls17 said, "It's a brilliant feeling made even better because it was free."

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