Premier League final table to begin airing

Andy Black
Find out who's smiling at the end of the Premier League final tabel on Channel 4.

Channel 4 will begin airing footage of the PartyPoker Premier League final table next week. The network just wrapped up airing the final two heads-up matches to determine the last two players at the final table and will now start two weeks of the final-table coverage.

The first episode will air Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (June 24/25) at 12:05 a.m. on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. The coverage will conclude with the winner on July 1.

Andy Black, Alexander Kravchenko and Marcel Luske automatically made the final for finishing in the first four spots of the Premier League. Roland De Wolfe and Annie Duke had to win their way through heads-up matches that were shown on Channel 4 last night.

The players' points from the league play also determine how many chips they'll take into the final table. One point is equivalent to $10,000 in chips. Tony G finished at the top of the league with 38 points, so he'll enter the final table with $380,000 in chips.

While his aggressive style hasn't worked well for him in previous seasons of the Premier League, this time around Tony G steamrolled his opponents by winning three heats.

Black also had a good run in the heats, walking away with three victories and second place in the final points total to earn a pretty big starting stack at the final table as well.

One of the big stories of the PartyPoker Premier League this year was that Phil Hellmuth couldn't seem to get a foothold in the event after such a successful run in the league last year. In 2007 the Poker Brat topped the league by winning four heats to easily make the final table. This year, Hellmuth finished last after getting zero points in two of the heats.

Defending champion Juha Helppi also had some trouble with the tournaments this year. He typically excels in this tournament format, but he failed to even make the final table this year.

Roland De Wolfe ran into bad luck in the final heat to miss making the final table. De Wolfe needed just one point to solidify his automatic place at the final table.

He chose a more conservative style for that final heat and ended up busting out and not getting any points at all. Instead, Marcel Luske got the last spot.

De Wolfe ended up going to battle in heads-up play to get his spot. He took on Eddie Scharf while Duke had to play David Ulliott for her slot.

The seating and chip counts at the final table will be as follows:

Seat Name Country Chip Count
1 Annie Duke United States $190,000
2 Andy Black Ireland $330,000
3 Marcel Luske Netherlands $210,000
4 Roland De Wolfe England $200,000
5 Tony G Australia $380,000
6 Alexander Kravchenko Russia $260,000

Jesse May and Hellmuth will provide commentary when the final table airs.

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