PPA reaches one million member mark

Annie Duke
Annie Duke will take on even more of a political role in the PPA as a board member of its PokerPAC.

The Poker Players Alliance announced today that it had achieved its goal of gaining more than one million members. The organization is now also launching a voter registration program and its own political action committee.

"Reaching one million members puts the PPA on par with such political powerhouses as AARP and the National Association of Realtors, and will allow us to advocate even more effectively on behalf of our members," said PPA Chairman and former senator Alfonse D'Amato.

Taking advantage of that growth, the Poker Players Alliance has launched a comprehensive voter registration campaign.

The "If You Play, Have a Say" campaign will include onsite voter registration drives in key battleground states as well as during the 2008 World Series of Poker beginning May 30. The campaign's goal is to register 100,000 or more poker players as new voters.

In order to reach as many PPA members as possible who aren't currently registered to vote, the campaign will also include a simple online form in order to register to vote. The online registration can be found at Poker2008.org.

Another goal of the "If You Play, Have a Say" campaign is to increase awareness as to why being active in the political process is important to the future of poker.

The PPA takes that idea to the next level with the launch of PokerPAC, its political action committee.

The PokerPAC is open to dues-paying members of the PPA as well as PPA board members and employees. D'Amato will serve as the PAC chairman as the PokerPAC helps strengthen the group's efforts on Capitol Hill.

Annie Duke will serve as an honorary PokerPAC board member, and former Congressman Toby Moffett will also lend his support as the PAC's vice chairman.

"The formation of PokerPAC and the 'If You Play, Have a Say' campaign sends a clear message to elected officials in Congress and the state capitals that poker players are paying attention to the laws they enact that impact an individual's right to play poker. Our one million members' voices will be heard," D'Amato said.

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