PPA Meets DOJ, Says Full Tilt Repayment “Long Way Away”

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Poker Players Alliance Executive Director John Pappas walked away from a meeting with the Department of Justice today with the impression repayment for US Full Tilt Poker players is still “a long way away.”

Releasing a statement after his meeting with the DOJ’s Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering division, Pappas said while the meeting was “cordial and productive,” little progress has been made in moving the remission process for players forward.

“Unfortunately, completion of a refund claims process is a long way away,” Pappas writes.

“The first step in this process will be the Department’s hiring of a third-party claims administrator, after a bidding process: there is no current date certain for that selection to occur.

“But it was evident that even when a claims administrator is hired, forfeiture and remission procedures require that a substantial administrative process be adhered to before players begin seeing their funds.”

What that truly means for players, however, is debatable. The DOJ has already put out a request for information to solicit a claims administrator but that process essentially takes an undetermined amount of time.

John Pappas
John Pappas, Executive Director of the PPA

The PPA is also not an “official” player in the remission process by any means so its presence/possible contribution is uncertain.

Still, Pappas says the PPA legal team is “already working on specific methods” to further the objective of “getting the process moving as soon as possible.”

Overall Pappas said the meeting was beneficial in reaffirming that “100 percent of player account balances be made available to players through the remission process.”

In the end, though, he said it “was clear from our discussion that no decisions have been made at the DoJ regarding the manner of repayment of player balances.”

Read the full statement from Pappas here.

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