PPA begins National Poker Week with Howard Stern

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The Poker Players Alliance launched National Poker Week on Sunday and they've already had several meetings in Washington, D.C., not to mention an appearance on the Howard Stern radio show.

PPA chairman Alfonse D'Amato went on the air to discuss the PPA's plight and after the show, the popular radio host and TV personality decided show his support for the cause by joining the PPA.

"I can't think of a more fitting way to kick off National Poker Week than having my friend, Howard Stern, become a member of the PPA," said D'Amato.

"I thank him for having me on his show this morning and supporting the PPA's efforts to protect the freedom of American citizens to play the great game of poker at the time and place of their choosing - a freedom Congress voted to take away."

National Poker Week runs from July 19-25 and over 30 of the PPA's State Directors and several established poker pros are scheduled to meet with representatives in Washington, D.C.

Players like Greg Raymer, Andy Bloch and Howard Lederer have already met with Rep. Robert Wexler and many more meetings are scheduled for later this week. Recent Celebrity Apprentice runner-up Annie Duke will also be making an appearance.

Many players are championing Rep. Barney Frank's H.R. 2267 bill, which would see online poker officially legalized, regulated and taxed.

In support of National Poker Week the PPA has also run full page ads in Roll Call and Politico advocating the legalization and regulation of online poker.

"National Poker Week is a way to shine the spotlight on this injustice and educate my former colleagues on why licensing and regulation of Internet poker is a much more effective - and revenue generating - alternative than an outright ban of this great American pastime," D'Amato said.

PPA Executive Director John Pappas is also scheduled to be on BBC Radio later today to discuss National Poker Week.

The driving force of National Poker Week, however, is an online petition that asks U.S. President Barack Obama to exempt poker from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), license and regulate internet poker in the America and respect the rights of law-abiding Americans who wish to play the game.

You can sign the petition here. You can also learn more about National Poker Week by visiting the PPA's official website at www.theppa.org.

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