PPA asks players to Tweet for Poker

PPA Tweet for Poker

The Poker Players Alliance is once again asking poker enthusiasts to petition politicians to legalize online poker. But this time it wants them to use the social networking service Twitter.

The PPA launched "Tweet for Poker" yesterday and online poker supporters can go to the website, sign in and make an appeal for online poker to their Congressional representative in about 30 seconds.

"Poker players are online, they're active, and they're weighing in on the policy battles that impact their right to play," said PPA executive director John Pappas.

"Tweet for Poker is PPA's most instant and dynamic tool for our members to directly contact legislators in a way that engages the public in debate. We're proud of the instant success, and look forward to hearing what our elected officials think of the legislation and this new advocacy program."

The Tweets will support either Sen. Robert Menendez' pro-online poker bill in the Senate or Rep. Barney Frank's poker bill in the House. Users have the option of choosing whether they want Tweets sent to their respective Senator or House Representative.

The Twitter-based campaign is just the latest initiative the PPA has started with the intent of legalizing online poker.

This summer the PPA launched National Poker Week and collected over 375,000 signatures on a petition to President Obama asking for licensing and regulation of online poker.

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