Pot-Limit Omaha dominating high-stakes action

Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey certainly doesn't mind some Pot-Limit Omaha action.

Is Pot-Limit Omaha the poker variant for 2009? Although it's still early, the answer to that question appears to be a resounding yes according to the top 100 biggest online pots collected by MarketPulse.

PLO is already one of the best-loved poker games in the world (just ask any European), and is steadily becoming the game of choice for high-stakes players online. Even in 2008 there was a higher frequency of huge pots in PLO than in good old Hold'em.


Yesterday both the Ivey Thunderdome and Hansen Hangout were the sites of some nosebleed-stakes poker.

Both tables featured Tom "durrrr" Dwan trying to gain some traction as he attempts to pull himself out of the PLO hole he's dug himself into in the early stages of 2009.

For a change it looks he's making some progress too - at the time of publication, he was pulling past the $500,000 profit mark in Pot-Limit Omaha for the day.

The biggest hand of the day came at the Ivey Thunderdome when Dwan looked down to find A A 7 2. It was apparently good enough for a bet pre-flop, but Ivey reraised to $9,000.

The flop came a rather dry 9 6 3 and Ivey led out for $14,000. Dwan called and the turn came the J.

Ivey fired yet another bullet, this time for $40,000. Dwan called and the river finished 9. Ivey checked but Dwan bet $65,400 into the rapidly expanding pot.

Ivey made the crying call but couldn't beat Dwan's two pair and mucked. It's anybody's guess as to what Ivey actually had.

Anyone can download the full tilt software and watch all their high-stakes action live. For daily, weekly and monthly re-caps and high-lights keep an eye on our MarketPulse section.

Check out the hand in the PokerListings' hand replayer below if you think you can figure out exactly what went down.

Stone-cold Tom Dwan

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