FSN cancels $60 million tourney, announces Poker Dome Challenge details

Fox Sports Net (FSN) announced the cancellation of the $60 million poker tournament originally scheduled for July 12 in Australia. The ambitious tournament required a $10 million buy-in and would have set a new record for the world's biggest prize pool.

According to George Greenberg, FSN executive vice president of programming and production, FSN had stretched their limits a little too much by planning to produce the "Mega Event" tournament at the same time as the Poker Dome Challenge.

They didn't want to compromise the quality of either event, "Therefore, we've decided to cancel the 2006 Mega Event and focus on delivering an explosive 43-week series that will change the way poker is televised," he said.

Details for the Poker Dome Challenge, which will begin airing May 28 on FSN, were also released this week.

The show's format is a weekly contest in which six experienced qualifiers will face off in a one table tournament. The winner of that tournament picks up $25,000, and advances to the semifinal round.

The six winners of the semifinal table will square off in another single table tournament, with the winner of that table picking up $50,000, and moving on to the final. At the final table players have a chance at $1 million in a winner take all tournament.

During the different stages of the tournament, the studio audience will be able to see the players' hole cards. But, the players are enclosed in a glass "dome," with soundproof one-way mirrors that prevent them from seeing the audience.

FSN also plans to bring back the heart monitor for this series, and commentators will include several well-known poker personalities.

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