Pot sizes bulging across online poker

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More easy money kicking around online...?

There's always money to be made in online poker for a skilled player. Always. But if early returns in 2008 are any indication, there might be a bit more "easy" money kicking around online these days.

How to tell? Growing average pot sizes across the board, with no less than seven of the top online poker rooms showing increases over the last four months, based on stats from the PokerListings.com biggest pots section for a look at the Top 100 pots online over the last day, week, month and year.

More general numbers to report:

The most popular game variation? A resounding vote for Texas Hold'em, with all variations of Hold'em still hogging 90.9% of all online action. Next most popular are Omaha at 5.4%, Omaha Hi-Lo at 3.4% and Stud at 1.1%.

Table structure is split pretty evenly, with 51.1% of players preferring short-handed tables and 48.8% preferring full-ring games. Heads-up games account for just 2.3% of the action.

To see the latest overall stats, visit the general stats page here.

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