Police charge club owners in Baltimore bust

Police laid additional charges at the doorstep of the Owl's Nest in South Baltimore this past Wednesday, subsequent to the November 2 raid of the poker establishment. Club co-managers Joseph A. Cary and Gerald C. Dickens were both charged with counts of illegal gambling and gambling. Cary, a 51-year-old Pasadena resident, was charged with 19 counts, while Dickens, a 65-year-old resident of Bowie, was charged with 25.

Both men have also been charged with 2 counts each of illegal liquor sales and possession, as the private club was selling liquor without a liquor license.

Other employees charged include a security guard, two waitresses, and 10 card dealers. No poker players are being charged by the state, as police quoted the wrong statue to all 80 players present at the Owl's Nest at the time of the raid, and the charges were subsequently dismissed by the courts. Cary, Dickens, and their associates were not among the 80 charged during the November 2 bust.

Cary maintains he did not break the law, claiming he was just an investor in the Owl's Nest and was under the impression that poker tournaments benefiting charity were not illegal under state law.

All of the accused are scheduled to appear before a Baltimore District Court on January 27.

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