PokerTime to host NFL themed poker tournaments

PokerTime will kick off a series of NFL poker tournaments today during which players can qualify to enter three super finals taking place in November with guaranteed prize pools up to $10,000. Players could also end up taking in an NFL game or going to the Super Bowl to experience live-action play for themselves.

Only 24 players will be allowed per tournament, and there are two ways to qualify for the three super final events. They can either buy into the smaller tournaments where the first, second, and third place winners will get a seat in the final tournament, or they can qualify through meeting raked hand requirements.

Five qualifiers will take place every Saturday in October with a buy-in of $5 + 50¢. The third place winner of a qualifier will win a spot in the $2,500 tournament taking place Nov. 7. The second place winner gets a spot in the $2,500 tournament and the $5,000 on Nov. 8, and the first place winner gets a spot in both those tournaments as well and the $10,000 tournament on Nov. 9.

Players can also try to gain an advantage in the final by winning extra chips. Each week, five NFL games have been chosen to represent the five tournaments being played at PokerTime. Anyone who can correctly predict who wins all 20 games representing tournaments in October will win 50 extra chips to be used in the final.

For more information and to sign up for the tournaments, visit PokerTime.

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