PokerTek receives certification for new heads-up table

Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) has certified PokerTek's latest dealer-less poker table offering, PokerPro Heads-Up.

The PokerPro Heads-Up tables allow players to play one-one-one live without casinos having to provide a dealer for the game. It's a solution that gives players what they want in a way that's still profitable for the casinos.

To become certified through GLI, the Heads-Up gaming system had to meet several standards. The first was the "GLI 13 - Online Monitoring and Control Systems and Validations Systems."

It also complied with "GLI 16 - Cashless Systems in Casinos," "GLI 24 - Electronic Table Game System," and applicable sections of "GLI 11 - Gambing Devices in Casinos."

"The PokerPro Heads-Up table is the first of its kind to hit the industry," said James Crawford, PokerTek president. "This new GLI certification allows us to continue providing casino operators and players with the newest poker innovations."

The system is certified as fully compliant for online monitoring of real-time events, accounting, reporting, security, and cashless gaming. It is a complete turnkey solution for the poker industry looking for an efficient way to provide heads-up games for players.

This is the second electronic, dealer-less poker table offered by PokerTek. In October, the company's PokerPro system, a 10-seated electronic poker table, was certified by the GLI and is already making its way into card rooms and casinos.

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