Poker-style game show to premiere in U.K.

Famed British television hosts Ant and Dec have been signed to host the first ever poker-style game show in television history, it was revealed Friday. Tentatively titled "The Con Test," the show was approved by U.K. network ITV after a successful pilot episode aired recently. The show is scheduled for broadcast on ITV1 in July, 2006, and is the first game show in the U.K. that guarantees one participant will walk away with £1 million.

Ant and Dec (Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly) created the show in 2004 and tested the concept out on friends in their local pub before pitching the idea to television executives.

Although the show will require contestants to answer general knowledge skill testing questions, a participant's advancement towards the £1 million jackpot prize will almost exclusively be based on their ability to successfully bluff their opponents about how much money they have won.

The seven-show series will consist of six heats, each awarding a £50,000 prize pot, and will culminate in a grand finale episode where heat winners battle for the £1 million.

"It's an exciting game. You don't need great general knowledge, but you need the intelligence to convince the other contestants you know the answers," said Dec.

Added Ant, "I don't play poker but I've always liked the idea of bluffing your opponents. This game is all about cunning and being able to hold your nerve."

Filming on the production is due to begin this spring.

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