receives GamCare certification

computer improved its poker site with GamCare certification.

As uncertainty still lingers in the future of online gambling, has voluntarily stepped up its game and reliability by getting GamCare certification in the United Kingdom.

GamCare, a registered charity organization in the U.K., is a leading authority on information, advice and practical help in addressing the social impact of gambling. In order to achieve that, the organization develops strategies that will:

  • Improve the understanding of the social impact of gambling
  • Promote a responsible approach to gambling
  • Address the needs of those adversely affected by a gambling dependency

In order to achieve GamCare certification, had to make changes to its site in order to implement the GamCare Code of Practice for Remote Gambling in relation to its online poker service.

"PokerStars has achieved high standards in player protection and social responsibility and recognizes the need to assist their customers to play responsibly," says the GamCare certificate on the poker site.

To achieve certification, implemented several practices, one of which was an age verification system to ensure that all U.K. players were of legal age to place bets on the site.

The poker site also implemented a self-exclusion option for players so if they feel they are becoming problem gamblers they can choose to suspend their play. They have the option of suspending play for as little as 24 hours or as long as 180 days or more.

The poker site has also put in place a new deposit limits policy. While there were already limits for new players, now players can set their own, smaller limits if they want to.

Some other things the poker site implemented include:

  • Providing information about responsible gambling and sources of advice and support
  • Training for customer service in problem gambling and social responsibility
  • Consultation with GamCare when developing new technologies and products
  • Support for the work GamCare carries out in addressing the social impact of gambling

"GamCare does not wish to restrict the choices or opportunities for anyone to operate, or engage in, gambling activities that are legally available. However, GamCare is concerned about the damage that is being done to some people's lives," says the organization on its Web site.

"It therefore has a commitment to reduce further damage by promoting responsible attitudes to gambling and to work for the provision of proper care for those who have been harmed by a gambling dependency."

GamCare provides several options for problem gamblers to receive counseling and advice through its National Helpline, counseling service, or email service. It also offers group counseling and NetLine, an online hotline offered to U.K. residents. now provides information for people to access those services through its GamCare information. All players have to do is click on the GamCare certification, and the information is right there for them.

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