, Full-Tilt players see dollar signs at Sunday events

With this rate of growth, may want to consider changing the name of its weekly guarantee to the Sunday Two Million. Yesterday's event drew 7,600 entrants for a new record prize pool of $1.5 million.

SwedisRotKuk was the beneficiary of the well-fed prize pool, earning $187,504 after making a deal with miamihans at this week's Sunday Million.

But if he hadn't agreed to the arrangement, the Swedish champion would have made off with $215,222.

With the final table down to heads-up and miamihans out-chipped 2-to-1, the players broke to make a deal. They settled on a by-the-chips payout that gave $187,504 to SwedisRotKuk and $136,092 to miamihans, with $30,000 left for the champion as per rules.

The final table results are as follows:

2nd miamihans $136,092
3rd D brickwall $76,320
4th Shepstar $61,056
5th THE SHERIFFZ $45,792
6th 20princemild $33,580
7th Eskil $23,659
8th iamhiv $13,737
9th schmeek $9,005

Full Tilt Poker's $400,000 guaranteed event also soared above its promised payday, with 2,473 entrants boosting the prize pool to $494,600.

No deals were brokered at this tournament however, as eventual champion imgrinding came to the final table with a gigantic chip lead.

After crippling runner-up im_the_dirt minutes into heads-up action, imgrinding finished him off for a $90,734 prize.

The final table results are as follows:

2nd im_the_dirt $55,691
3rd ESPIGA $36,452
4th lackingaces $29,082
5th jrbick $22,009
6th superaids $15,827
7th vinson135 $11,623
8th jrbrown2bsu $9,100
9th Kush789 $6,924

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