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PokerStars Turbocharges Zoom Tables with Usain Bolt Edition


Usain Bolt officially retired from racing earlier this year but his likeness will soon be racing to a PokerStars table near you.

PokerStars announced a twist on its popular Zoom Poker tables this week with a special Usain Bolt Edition.

The new Usain Bolt Edition of Zoom Tables will feature the same fast-fold functionality of regular Zoom tables but there will be special “Road to Glory” challenges to commemorate Bolt’s historic career.

Players will be able to win individual prizes of up to $15,000 for competing in the Road to Glory on Zoom Poker Usain Bolt Edition, which runs from Aug. 14-Sept. 24.

Win $5k a Day on Bolt Tables

PokerStars will offer both weekend and weekday challenges for the Road to Glory promotion.

Usain Bolt

Every day during the week you’ll have a chance to win up to $5,000 by playing Zoom Poker Usain Bolt edition.

If you complete a challenge over the weekend you can also win up to $5,000. If players complete enough weekday challenges they’ll qualify for triple rewards, however, which means the weekend challenge could be worth up to $15,000.

“I’m very excited to bring my special edition of Zoom to my fans and poker players around the globe,” said Bolt.

“It is a non-stop poker game which is fun and competitive. I hope everyone enjoys it.”

The Usain Bolt edition Zoom Poker Tables will exist in a special tab in the lobby and are easy to recognize thanks to the signature backdrop of Bolt running on each table.

Showdown with Kevin Hart Still Looming

Kevin Hart and Usain Bolt are without-a-doubt the biggest celebrity endorsers of PokerStars right now but the pair have yet to face off at the poker table.

Kevin Hart

That’s going to change early next year when Bolt and Hart will play 1v1 at the recently revived PokerStars Caribbean Adventure at Atlantis Casino in the Bahamas.

Hart and Bolt have already been battling all year via social media but the PCA will mark the first they’ve sat down at the poker table across from each other.

If you’re looking to try the new exclusive Usain Bolt Edition tables you might want to check out our PokerStars review and download the software.

PCA qualifiers will also be upon us shortly (after a one-year absence) and this year’s rumble in the Bahamas promises to be as exciting as ever with a live $50,000 freeroll open to anyone who plays a PCA event.