PokerStars Sunday Million draws 8,500 players

The Money

Ask any online poker player and they will tell you the three things in life that are certain are death, taxes and the PokerStars Sunday Million.

The biggest weekly online poker tournament once again easily eclipsed its guarantee with 8,500 players combining to create a prize pool of exactly $1.7 million. That's more than any WSOP Main Event prize pool prior to the 1980s.

In the end it would be Canadian player jnic00 who would take the lion's share of the prize money, despite a deal that was made three-handed. jnic00 beat i_lv_beer in heads-up play to take down $178,788. i_lv_beer had to settle for second but, on the bright side, the $127,284 could buy a lot of beer.

Perhaps the biggest news on another busy day of PokerStars MTTs actually came in the Sunday Warm-Up, where online player Snookerfun managed to repeat as champion.

You may recall that Snookerfun took down $98,930 in a Sunday Warm-Up tournament in November. Snookerfun proved that lightning can strike twice by beating emyjim in heads-up to win an even more impressive $112,642. Not bad for a few months' work.


This Sunday also marked the occasion for another edition of the PokerStars Turbo Takedown. The takedown is a 5,000 FPP buy-in only event that happens once a month on PokerStars. Players have the chance to trade some FPPs in for a shot at the $100,000 first-place prize.

Play at the final table of the Turbo Takedown was fast-paced until the elimination of Canadian player LFISBRTL. Action slowed right down as the four remaining players started to think seriously about the first-place prize. Eventually it got down to heads-up play with vballbobbi carrying $16 million in chips against mikiantimd's $9 million.

vballbobbi used his nearly 2-1 chip advantage to beat mikiantimd into submission, and finally mikiantimd couldn't get away from top pair on a 8 7 6 board. vballbobbi took down a cool $100,000 for first place.

Some of the other notable cashes on Sunday included Ben "bfineman" Fineman, who took $52,759 for taking second in the $109+R event. Online player weeminer beat well-known online player Christian "charder30" Harder in heads-up play in the Sunday 500 to take home a $100,000 paycheck.

Here's a complete look at the final-table results from Sunday, Jan. 25, on

Sunday Million [Three-way Deal]

1. jnic00 Canada $178,788.86
2. i_lv_beer United States $127,284.55
3. marmotte21 France $132,696.59
4. Kris Merlot United States $76,500
5. calytry Spain $59,500
6. PaperLamp United States $42,500
7. LastChance11 France $29,750
8. Flamarion Sweden $19,550
9. rebel1100 Australia $11,900

Sunday Warm-Up

1. Snookerfun Germany $112,642.80
2. emyjim Netherlands $78,588
3. SexSeen United States $52,392
4. J0hnny_Dr@m@ Greece $43,660
5. spiderfrank United Kingdom $34,928
6. 21aek21 Cyprus $26,196
7. Iteopepe88 Hungary $17,464
8. ToBeTheMan United States $10,915
9. harima Switzerland $7,072.92

$1 Million Turbo Takedown

1. vballbobbi United States $100,000
2. mikiantimd Spain $60,000
3. jockel24 Germany $40,000
4. AR_GTAm Germany $32,500
5. LFISBRTL Canada $25,000
6. dark_check86 United States $20,000
7. Rugs6969 United States $15,000
8. jkopp984 United States $10,000
9. a33bars United States $5,500

Sunday 500

1. weeminer United States $99,349.60
2. charder30 United States $71,984.50
3. FHB24 United States $54,950
4. OLD_TABLE United States $41,212.50
5. DeuceBuster United States $28,848.75
6. StyloAl Switzerland $23,353.75
7. faithless Norway $17,858.75
8. benza13 United States $12,363.75
9. Hickboy United States $7,693

Sunday Second Chance

1. AAqueens22 United States $55,491.04
2. actionDJ United States $40,141.80
3. PeachyMer United States $30,760
4. badbeatninja United States $23,070
5. ael1979 Cyprus $16,149
6. JohnnyBax United States $13,073
7. alarmo17 United States $9,997
8. ragsonly1 United Kingdom $6,921
9. rckhound United States $4,306.40

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