PokerStars steps in, saves FleetStreetGames

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For a while it looked like the thousands of poker players on would be kicked to the virtual street after the site closed down, but PokerStars has decided to forge a deal with FleetStreet letting all its players transfer their balances to PokerStars' online poker site.

Fleet Street Games started just last February and had a unique format, which offered subscribers from all over the world the chance to enter numerous poker tournaments each for just one fixed monthly fee.

Unfortunately the site was particularly hard hit by the economic downturn, and Fleet Street Games was unable to raise its second round of funding.


PokerStars, on the hand, is the world's largest online poker room, with 19 million players worldwide. Its tournament selection and sheer volume of games are virtually unmatched.

Dan Goldman, president and CEO of Fleet Street Games, told outgoing FSG players they will have a solid home at PokerStars.

"Many FSG players will, I am sure, already be familiar with PokerStars," he said.

"It is, as I know from long personal experience, the best all-round online poker site in the world and although we are extremely disappointed we couldn't make a go of FSG in the present economic climate, we are thrilled that we have been able to secure such a great new home for our players."


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