PokerStars Adds Malta License, Will Launch


PokerStars’ Head of Corporate Communications Eric Hollreiser announced today that PokerStars has secured a Malta Remote Gaming License and will launch to better serve players across several European markets.

Calling licensing an “arduous task” that requires significant resources and detailed scrutiny of company practices, Hollreiser says despite the effort obtaining the Malta license offers a clear benefit to the players, the industry and the company.

“As countries around the world awaken to the advantages of online poker regulation,” Hollreiser writes, “a development that PokerStars has continuously supported, the industry will continue to wind its way through the complex web of rules that address everything from online security to taxation to consumer protection to corporate finance.

“Sometimes these rules reflect existing regulation in other markets, sometimes they underscore the lack of clear rules elsewhere. That's why we support a regulated marketplace and seek licenses, which provides clarity to players and operators.

Hollreiser says players in European markets will benefit from the new Malta license immediately - particularly in regards to taxation clarification offered to sites operating with licenses from EU nations.

Hollreiser also emphasized that PokerStars will continue to protect player funds in segregated accounts separate from operating accounts.

“We believe that each new license we obtain,” Hollreiser adds, “underscores the reasons why they should feel comfortable playing with us.

“We don't know of any company in our industry that has been licensed by as many jurisdictions as PokerStars.”

Launch Expected Soon

The launch of the new .eu domain could come as early as next week. Sweden and Finland head the list of countries to be served by the new site.

The announcement comes on the heels of PokerStars being approved for a license in Belgium this week.

The following sites will continue to share a player pool:

  • (including Spain)
  • and remain restricted to players from Italy and France, respectively.

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