PokerStars Rolls Out Home Games

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu

PokerStars launched a new feature this week that looks to bridge the gap between friendly private games and the convenience of the Internet.

PokerStars Home Games will let players create their own clubs where they control every aspect of the experience including who plays and what games will be played.

“This is something that has been in development for quite some time,” said Keith Trexler, a product consultant for PokerStars. “This is a major new feature for us.”

Home Games administrators will also be able to set up cash tables, schedule tournaments and run leaderboard competitions. Each Home Club will have its own lobby, similar to the main PokerStars lobby.

At its core, however, the feature is designed to give online poker a more personal touch.

“I think this will be really appealing to players who are looking to play against people they know,” said Team PokerStars Pro Greg Raymer. “There are new players who might not feel comfortable playing against complete strangers.”

As soon as a player creates a poker club they will be able to send out invitation codes to all their friends. They will have complete control of the club and will be able to ban or block players who get out of line.

“Nothing like PokerStars Home Games has been offered before and it’s so easy to use,” said fellow Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu. “I cut my teeth in home games and it still brings back some of my best memories from playing poker.”

Interested players will potentially be able to continue home games that were suspended years ago.

“This is going to be fantastic for long-time poker friends who are no longer living near each other,” Raymer said.

There will be four different levels of clubs you can host depending on your VIP status on PokerStars. At the base level you can invite up to 50 players to your poker club. Each player can start up to five individual poker clubs.

The Home Games feature has already been added to the client and the full version will be available on within the week.

To celebrate the launch of Home Games, PokerStars is giving players the chance to win a trip to one of four amazing locations for up to eight people. 

Click here to learn more about setting up your own PokerStars Home Game.

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