PokerStars pulls off another big Sunday

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PokerStars is the place to be on Sundays if you like big-money tournaments. This week was no different, as Nous44 walked away with more than $200,000 for his Sunday Million win.

Fairly often, players will make deals when the final table gets down to just a few players. This week, however, Nous44 stuck it out to win the Sunday Million outright rather than making any deals.

It paid off with a $202,363.20 payday for him, while second place received nearly $102,000.

The results of the PokerStars Sunday Million final table as well as the poker site's other big-money Sunday tournaments are:

Sunday Million

Place Name Country Prize
1st Nous44 United States $202,363.20
2nd nurospoker United Kingdom $101,899.20
3rd TYROMPER United States $71,760
4th Mrdawwe Sweden $57,408
5th mik_corleone United Kingdom $43,056
6th hidden1s United States $31,574.40
7th R|P(URL Sweden $22,245.60
8th Big_Nemo Canada $12,916.80
9th Robaen Sweden $8,467.68


Sunday Warm-Up

Based on finishing order and two-way deal

Place Name Country Prize
1st info80 Denmark $83,960.96
2nd LOL_FAILURE Finland $80,864.64
3rd gabo05 United States $40,005.60
4th UcancallmeMr United States $31,600
5th OUSOONERS24 United States $24,774
6th Virgil369 United States $18,328
7th nofingclue11 United States $13,272
8th Benno300 United States $8,342.40
9th Sasuke234 Sweden $4,929.60

Sunday Hundred Grand

Based on finishing order and three-way deal

Place Name Country Prize
1st chas031 United States $9,705.51
2nd omemeedave Canada $15,109.91
3rd ajp420 Canada $13,074.58
4th fareed1234 Trinidad and Tobago $5,085
5th blk_eazly United States $3,060
6th TOTITO83 Argentina $2,047.50
7th PURPLEPILS99 Canada $1,642.50
8th Baron_bluff United States $1,327.50
9th CarlosMuch Germany $1,012.50

Sunday Second Chance

Place Name Country Prize
1st USCphildo United States $48,016.80
2nd nodeeeeezy United States $35,568
3rd AiP5 United States $27,360
4th LapraZ Sweden $20,520
5th AreTheseUtz United States $14,364
6th Bry23 United States $11,628
7th bfineman United States $8,892
8th SirTiltsALOT United States $6,156
9th shipthechezz United States $3,830.40

$150,000 Guaranteed No-Limit Hold'em

Place Name Country Prize
1st mistakooll United States $44,264
2nd leoc00 Canada $30,381.20
3rd SLOPPYKLOD United States $20,723.60
4th TravestyFund United States $16,096
5th 3asal86 Sweden $12,072
6th kipa58 Latvia $9,456.40
7th F_H_E_S Brazil $7,243.20
8th FastEddie267 United States $5,231.20
9th donnysack United States $3,219.20

Rounding out the winners for Sunday, takechip won the Sunday $5,200 Freezeout. The Canadian player pockets $100,000 for the win.

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