PokerStars claims Million Dollar Men

Dennis Phillips
Chip leader Dennis Phillips.

Out of a total 6,844 players to start the Main Event, six of the final nine are PokerStars players. The online poker room must certainly be proud that two-thirds of the final table is composed of its players.

The six Million Dollar Men run the gamut in terms of previous experience, place of origin and approach to the game.

Dennis Phillips - $26,295,000

The 53-year-old commercial truck dealer from Missouri could not be more humble, positive or excited about his run so far and his ability to keep it going in November. Given that Phillips had been one of the chip leaders for the last few days of the WSOP, nobody was surprised to see him finish at the top of the final table.

Although he plans to go back to work, he may just change his mind. After all, with a $900,000 check in his pocket, and a chance at making millions more in four months, odds are he'll take the time off to hone his skill to the best of his ability.

Dennis Phillips talks all about the final table and his feelings on how it will play out in his interview with us, found here.

Ivan Demidov - $24,400,000

At the age of 27, this WSOP Main Event marks the first live tournament Demidov has ever played. Sitting second in chips and having already made a minimum of $900,000 is, to put it mildly, a good start to his bricks-and-mortar career.

If Moscow native Demidov is able to take the bracelet, he will be the first-ever Russian to win the WSOP Main Event.

Peter Eastgate - $18,375,000

In our interview with the 22-year-old Peter Eastgate, the European tells us how he chipped up from $10 million to his current $18 million in chips during the 10-player bubble.

"There was one big pot where I raised under the gun with aces and got three callers. The flop came down 3-5-5 and I led out. I got one caller and the turn was a six. We both checked it and I bet really big when a jack hit the river. I got an insta-call and my aces were good."

Eastgate's an established online player, known for being unpredictable. His reputation may be part of the reason he's so calm and confident about the final table in November.

Ylon Schwarz - $12,525,000

With a total of 11 cashes in WSOP events since 2005, the 38-year-old New York gambler has plenty of experience to put to use. By staying very much under the radar throughout the event, Schwarz was able to play small ball, consistently picking up smaller pots to keep himself in the money.

In his run for the final table, Schwarz took his seat on his first TV table; the experience rattled him a little.

"I went a little nuts. I just snapped there for a second. So I [had] to regroup," Schwartz claimed in an interview with

Learn the whole story in our interview here.

Darus "Dennis_TO" Suharto - $12,520,000

A 39-year-old Canadian accountant, Darus Suharto is relatively unknown in the poker world. He first heard of the WSOP in 2005, and won himself a seat in the 2006 Main Event in a PokerStars satellite. He cashed in that event and has been hooked ever since.

His biggest hand during the bubble was against Joe Bishop. To read all about it, check out our interview with Dennis_TO.

David "Chino" Rheem - $10,230,000

At 28 years old, David Rheem is the best-known player on the table. He has had multiple WSOP final-table appearances, and having sat at the feature table with the likes of Matusow and Hellmuth during this Main Event, the other players will have plenty of opportunity to watch his play before they take their seats. In perhaps the most humorous response to a question about his opponents studying his play, Rheem told us:

"Well, if the other eight people at the table are reading this, I'm just going to get piss drunk every night from now until the final table. I'm not going to plan or think at all. I'm just going to raise every pot without looking."

Click here to read the whole interview with the 10 million-chip threat.

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