PokerStars Launches Turbo-Charged Beat the Clock Tourneys


PokerStars is challenging costumers to “Beat the Clock” in its new hyper-paced tournament mode on desktop and mobile.

Beat the Clock tournaments are four-handed Zoom Poker events that take only five minutes to play.

To make the money players have one simple goal: Survive.

Each player that’s still standing after five minutes will be paid out according to how many chips they’ve got in front of them when time expires.

Ronaldo Amps Up Action

PokerStars tapped ambassador Christiano Ronaldo as the face of Beat the Clock and it’s safe to say the football superstar is a fan of the format.

Duel Ronaldo
Beat the Clock, Beat Ronaldo

“Beat The Clock requires you to think and act quickly with a high level of skill, which gives me the same rush of excitement that I experience on the pitch,” said Ronaldo.

“The timed element of this game makes it fun to play and means I can get that quick adrenaline fix on the move.”

The tournaments never take more than five minutes, which helpful for anyone with a limited amount of time to play.

Beat the Clock is latest new format that PokerStars has introduced over the last few years.

Some of the other notable experiences include jackpot-based Spin & Go’s, Knockout Poker and even the now-defunct PokerStars Duels.

For more information or to sign up for an account you can head over to our PokerStars review.

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