PokerStars Introduces New Cash Game TV Show

Daniel Negreanu

The world of televised poker is getting another challenger with the PokerStars Big Game on the FOX network.

The new show is a high-stakes cash game that will feature $200/$400 No-Limit Hold'em with a $100,000 buy-in.

According to PokerStars some of the top poker players in the world will be invited including Daniel Negreanu.

In a new twist PokerStars will allow select qualifiers from the site to play in the Big Game.

The site is running qualifiers for the event and players in the US and Canada can play in free Big Game Round 1 qualifiers from now until June 25.

Winners will qualify for the Big Game final where the top 200 players will be invited to send PokerStars a casting video.

The players who are selected will be flown out and staked for $100,000 in the game by PokerStars. Whatever profit they make over $100,000 they will be allowed to keep.

No stranger to TV, PokerStars introduced the Million Dollar Challenge last year and is also sponsoring the "Did You Know" segment in the current season of High Stakes Poker.

High stakes cash games have become a popular format for poker TV shows and Poker After Dark, which is usually a six-player Sit and Go, recently added a $50,000 buy-in cash game episode to its schedule.

PokerStars has yet to announce when the show will be aired but the Big Game qualifiers can already be found in the poker room's lobby.

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Johnny (ACES) Cabral 2010-05-19 06:51:49

I am looking forward to this oppurtunity of a lifetime..i recently qualified for the Fox Million Dollar trying for The Big game..i got a final round ticket..playing this sunday...i go by the screenname JBCD71..I HOPE THEY PICK play with the LEGENDS would be a dream come true in it self. :)

kianna 2010-04-02 15:44:44

good hi i love the days

Jason 2010-04-01 01:20:17

Thanks Sean. I wasn't trying to be rude about it Dom, just didn't know how else to bring it to PL's attention. :)

Sean Lind 2010-03-31 20:15:34

Hey guys, Dan's usually pretty good but everyone has off days. I've fixed both mistakes, sorry for any confusion.

Dominic 2010-03-31 06:25:05

Well jason if you re-read the question of the day the flop is 8 10 4. The cards on the board are wrong compared with the question. Also the link that you gave. They also have another discrepancy. They put the two spades on river completing the flush, however they made a mistake because in their article on quote they said, "There were two flush draws and they both bricked", which means that the river was supposed to be a blank. They rushed through the article and question of the day and got the graphics wrong. That is all.

Jason 2010-03-31 03:52:21

I know this isn't post related but I couldn't find anywhere else to comment. In the strategy article the first example talks about value betting thin when flush draws miss, and in the example the flush draw hits. Just a quick correction. Also, in the 'question of the day' it advocates calling with ace king high because the likely draws missed. Then it proceeds to say, 'make the call and expect to see something like qj' QJ would be top pair jack kicker. Why make the call if you're expected to lose??