PokerStars hosts successful DeepStack Tournaments

PokerStars' newest tournament offering, the DeepStack Tournament, is proving a highly successful endeavor for the poker room and its players. Created by PokerStars' poker room manager Lee Jones, the tournaments boast longer blind levels, smaller blinds, bigger stacks, and hundreds of competitors.

The recently launched, daily (sometimes twice daily) event sees players beginning with more than three times the amount of chips received in sit-and-gos and regular multi-table tournaments. The blind structure is also much more generous: Starting at $5-$10, and increasing every half hour, it gives players much more time to maneuver and play their 5,000 chips exactly as they see fit.

A number of variations of the DeepStack Tournament exist, with the most expensive being Saturday's $109 DeepStack event. Players can expect to be involved in play for hours on end. Tournaments hosting a playing field of 800 players or more usually run for a minimum of 10 hours.

One of the main reasons DeepStack events have drawn so many competitors is because of the resemblance they bear to bricks-and-mortar tournaments, a deliberate move on the part of Jones and his staff at PokerStars. They believe players can truly learn the ropes of live tournament play when competing in online events that mirror the structure and play time of land-based events.

Interested players can find the DeepStack events under the "Tournament" tab at PokerStars.

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