PokerStars doubles money on Sunday

The Prize Money

Sunday is always a big day at PokerStars, but this week the poker site ramped it up even bigger by doubling the prize pools for the Sunday Million and the Sunday Warm-Up.

That meant a $2 million guaranteed prize pool for the Sunday Million and a $1 million prize pool for the Warm-Up as part of the PokerStars 2X promotion.

The significant boost to the prize pool also created a record playing field for the Sunday Million, as more than 14,000 players took part in the tournament. When all the money was counted, the Sunday Million actually offered a $2,836,200 prize pool this week, with the winner getting more than $200,000.

TimDawg888 took down the Sunday Million to take home that prize after the game played into the wee hours this morning. He received $235,350 after a three-way chop with xanja and PokerMurphy1.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Country Prize
1st TimDawg888 United States $235,356.31
2nd xanja Germany $235,000
3rd PokerMurphy1 Canada $167,788.70
4th kpax22 Finland $113,448
5th KAG1 United States $85,086
6th Roundhauskik Germany $63,814.50
7th sjoko Norway $45,379.20
8th Bumper111 Australia $29,496.48
9th funplay800 United States $21,271.50

The biggest beneficiary from the increased prize pool of the Sunday Warm-Up at PokerStars was Parnish. The American player earned more than $100,000 for his win on Sunday.

The final table for the event played out as follows:

Place Name Country Prize
1st Parnish United States $137,674.90
2nd Benjaphon Switzerland $94,926.04
3rd Tgonz Philippines $62,676.90
4th markkx Canada $51,962.90
5th scossett Canada $41,248.90
6th ggiillaadd Israel $30,534.90
7th flyingdonk Italy $21,428
8th mrudy68 United States $13,392.50
9th Thaiti Spain $8,785.48

There are several other events on the tournament schedule every Sunday at PokerStars. The following are the results of a few of them.

Sunday Hundred Grand Final-Table Results

Place Name Country Prize
1st Metsfan512 United States $25,000
2nd scouseman101 United Kingdom $17,500
3rd Grezi Germany $12,500
4th marat1969 United States $10,000
5th bounyack Australia $7,500
6th logan66 United States $5,000
7th Sokygi Netherlands $2,500
8th YaniG United States $2,500
9th LV_Robot United States $1,875

Sunday Second Chance Final-Table Results

Place Name Country Prize
1st donnysack United States $73,617.96
2nd hookembaby83 United States $52,946
3rd CPT CRUX United States $38,213.20
4th Alex_Moscow Egypt $25,782.40
5th WINTERS25 United States $21,178.40
6th Fold Ü Phish United States $16,574.40
7th Bonzo9876 United States $11,970.40
8th ozenc Netherlands $8,287.20
9th nsd4eva United States $5,064.40

Sunday $5,200 Freezeout Results

  1. Bucovinas (Norway) $50,000

For more information about these and other promotions at the poker site, visit PokerStars.

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