PokerStars Awards $75k for 70 Billionth Hand


The much-anticipated 70-billionth hand was hit on PokerStars early this morning with German player koenigskebap scooping $73,380 for taking it down.

Playing at a 25c/50c heads-up table with fellow German DodgeUrOuts, the hand played out with the two shoving all in pre-flop with koenigskebap holding AJ versus DodgeUrOuts’ K5.

The flop came with an ace and some straight draw outs for DodgeUrOuts but despite a turned king the aces held to win the hand.

koenigskebap pocketed the $50 in the pot plus a $73,380 bonus while DodgeUrOuts still banked $1,690 for losing the hand.

The jackpot wasn’t without its slight controversy however.

As soon as play was stopped to allow other players to observe the winning hand, claims of collusion filled the chat box.

A look at the hand history at the winning table showed the two players had been open-folding for several hours to increase their hand count before the milestone hand was hit.

An investigation into the matter by PokerStars security was done but there was no violation of the PokerStars terms and services and the prize was still awarded.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars were handed out in promotional hands over the last few weeks as PokerStars neared the mark but the $70k jackpot was the big one most players were angling for.

With 24 maximum tables allowed for multi-tabling, regular grinders had as many tables open as possible to give them the best shot at hitting the milestone.

PokerStars reached the milestone 70 billion hands dealt around the world in less than 10 years of existence. The next milestone promotion at PokerStars will come at 80 billion hands.

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