PokerStars Asks “Are You a Natural Born Poker Player?”

Natural Born Poker Player

Do you have the stomach to pull off a sick bluff? Have you always been able to pick up tells on people? Are you cool-headed under pressure?

These are the questions PokerStars is asking everyone in its new innovative game/video/IQ test series titled “Natural Born Poker Player.”

The idea is that every player makes a series of quick decisions while watching an interactive video with the end result giving each player an idea of where their poker talents lie.

Participants are ranked according to Bravery/Bluffing/Quick Thinking/Logic/Detection/Cool Headed.

What’s Your Poker Style?

Daniel Negreanu
Are you a Daniel Negreanu?

The Natural Born Poker Player experience isn’t just for brand-new poker players as even pros can compete with each other to see who has the highest poker IQ.

Every video offers unique scenarios where a player could be asked to poison an evil ambassador or even choose the cleanest bathroom stall. Here are the initial games:

  • The Chase - Chasing down a thief
  • The Khazi - Picking the right bathroom stall
  • The Poisoner - Choosing the right time to poison someone
  • The Date - Attempt to pick someone up (unlocks April 16)
  • The Judge - Deciding a TV talent show (unlocks April 30)
  • The Deal - Negotiating the price on a super car (TBA)

The games are reminiscent of a visual Choose-Your-Own-Adventure with a time limit.

After completing the games players can share their “natural poker style” with friends on social media.

You can head over to the site to try it out for yourself right now.

Inspiration for the the experience actually came from Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If”, which you can view in the following PokerStars advertisement:

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