PokerStars Applies for US Trademarks


Every day PokerStars returning to the US market seems more and more likely.

The latest news from PokerFuse is that PokerStars is busy applying for six trademarks and logos it owns in the rest of the world including PCA, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, We Are Poker and Zoom Poker.

Apparently it’s the first time PokerStars has sought patents in the US in the last seven years.

We Are Poker is a PokerStars slogan that's been used in the rest of the world since 2011. It was part of a massive global ad campaign that utilized Rafa Nadal, Daniel Negreanu, Liv Boeree and others. It also highlighted the various mobile apps available on PokerStars.

Zoom Poker, Rush Poker Could Be Only Fast-Fold Game in US Market

zoom table regular buttons

Meanwhile the Zoom Poker trademark is of particular interest for the US market because PartyPoker and 888poker already offer their own fast-fold variants.

The PokerStars patent on Zoom Poker, which it applied for last month, could potentially bar other sites from offering any sort of insta-fold variant.

There is no telling when, if ever, PokerStars will return to the US market but at this point in certainly seems likely. PokerFuse said the site may return to New Jersey as early as next month thanks to its new owner Amaya gaming.

Last week PokerStars even invited former customers in New Jersey to an open house at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Jersey City.

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