turning WSOP into monkey business is planning to enter a chimpanzee named Mikey into the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event which starts Friday.

" has earned a reputation for its creative marketing, and people expect us to constantly exceed their expectations," said Lucan Toh, CEO. "The 'Chimp Vs. Chump' competition at the 2006 WSOP will not let them down."

It's unsure if the WSOP will allow Mikey to play, but the plan is for him to enter the Main Event as well as challenge a journalist to a live poker match. Mikey has been going through intensive poker training in preparation for the event, including being professionally trained to recognize colors and shapes, perform on television, and wear a green poker visor and sunglasses. said it will pay for any players who lose to Mikey to enter next year's WSOP Main Event.

This adventure to the WSOP won't just be another show for Mikey though. He's also playing to win cash for his retirement. After chimps perform for several years, they must retire, and like humans, live off their earnings for the rest of their lives.

According to a press release, is hoping to gain exposure for its site as well as help draw attention to animal education and preservation with this marketing ploy.

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