offers $100K to name Utah town only to be rebuffed

London-based poker room,, offered $100,000 to make a namesake out of the tiny town of Bluff in southeast Utah but found their offer rejected this week by the town council.

The town is located near the borders of Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico, and was reportedly considering the offer when it was first received. An email was sent out to all 285 residents by Town City Chairman Patrick McDermott last week on the grounds that $100,000 could make a huge difference to a town Bluff's size. McDermott admitted that the cash would be put towards improving education or community services. An unofficial poll was taken and a meeting scheduled for November 2 to discuss the proposal.

However, it has since been announced that the proposal was never really taken seriously by residents of the town. Descendants of the town's founders voiced concerns, and declared that renaming the town would be a 'travesty.' It was also revealed that residents believed the name to be unnatural.

Bluff, Utah is located in the heart of Mormon Country and was founded and named by Mormon pioneers. Prior to approaching Bluff, offered the same deal to Sharer, Kentucky, but a lack of organized government in the town forced the website to look elsewhere. Their second choice was Bluff City, Arkansas, which quickly refused the moniker on moral grounds.

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