launches Team Tournaments feature, the third largest online gaming site in the world, has introduced a new, unique Team Tournaments feature to its website for all poker buddies interested in competing as a team against others around the world.

Team Tournaments allow players to compete in teams consisting of between 5 and 10 players. Teams are established by a Team Manager and can participate in Team Leagues - a series of tournament rounds where several team members play simultaneously in each round. Members can also battle it out for lucrative cash rewards in Team Eliminators, which are tournaments played out in teams.

Team Leagues can last for an unlimited period of time, depending on the number of participating teams, rounds, scheduling (daily or weekly), and the buy-in and payout structure. For each round played, the teams' overall performance will be scored, accumulated, and presented in an overall league standing. After the full set of rounds are played, depending on the payout structure, the top teams will split the prize money generated by the total number of team buy-ins.

Team Eliminators, on the other hand, offer a different twist to online poker. The Team Manager assigns one player to go up against a member of the opposing team. The winner of the match and his team then proceed to the next round, continuing until only two teams remain to go head-to-head for the title. The top teams will share the prize money generated by the total number of team buy-ins, depending on the payout structure.

Buy-ins for Team Leagues and Team Eliminators are split between all participating players through a Team Wallet. Team players choose what Leagues and Eliminators to participate in and only pay for buy-ins and collect prizes for the events they actually join. A member's share of the wallet is equal to the percentage of money he or she has contributed to the wallet in comparison to everyone else on the team.

A simple, interactive Team Tournament tutorial is available at to help players understand all the aspects of creating, joining, and managing teams as well as explaining how the events are set-up.

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