Pokerno says yes to Sunday Million pot split

The final four players in the Dec. 17 Sunday Million divvied up the pot according to their chips, but pokerno saw the most cash after winning the remaining $30,000 in prize money.

Rumblings of a deal began when the final table was whittled down to five players. After knocking out the fifth competitor, Vinny88, the four remaining players talked shop.

They agreed to a by-the-chips split of the pot, with two of the players adding $5,000 to top up jkopp984's stack. That left $30,000 up for grabs.

After bonvivant and janwillem111 were sent packing, pokerno and jkopp984 met for heads-up action for the remaining $30,000 in prize money. At that point pokerno held a substantial chip lead, and almost immediately took jkopp984 out with an ace-high.

The final table results are as follows:

1stpokernoFinland $124,276
2nd jkopp984 United States$70,074
3rd janwillem111 Netherlands$107,104
4th bonvivant United States$79,124
5th vinny88 Canada$35,526
6th luckeeseven United States$28,632.96
7th koule11 Czech Republic$22,535.20
8th SL!CK United Kingdom$16,702.56
9th hafizzle United States$10,869.92

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