PokerListings launches Twitter live updates

So many Tweets, so little time.

Starting today is giving you an exclusive look at what goes on behind the tournament scenes with a new branded Twitter account.

Following tournaments on Twitter is a revolutionary new spin on coverage that has previously been relegated to the live updates section on poker sites.

With the PokerListings Twitter account poker fans will be able to see a more casual side of poker reporting with frequent posts on the popular social networking site.

PokerListings reporter Owen Laukkanen discussed a few of the features people can expect in the near future from the newly created Twitter account.

"Basically we're going bring a more bite-sized immediacy to poker reporting," he said. "It's more off the record and it's an easy way to keep track of what's going on at poker tournaments from your mobile phone."

The Twitter account is also useful for people who don't have the time to follow a whole tournament online but wouldn't mind getting a few key updates. Twitter is also easy to hide while at work.

The account will be used by the entire reporting staff so readers can expect Tweets from every major poker tournament around the globe. You can start following the updates immediately by getting a Twitter account and adding "_PokerListings_".

For those that don't know Twitter is a free social networking and mini-blogging service that allows users to write and read short updates of text up to 140 characters in length. Twitter has millions of users and is used all over the world.

So if you're interested in reading about top poker players, sick plays, heart-wrenching bad beats and never ending parties be sure to go to to check it out.


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