Poker Zone introduces play-along poker game to television

Two Way TV and MiXTV Ltd., in a deal with Poker Zone Television, are launching "Face Up Hold'Em," a play-along TV poker show that will be shown daily in the U.K. on The Winner Channel. During the show, a Texas Hold'em game is played live with every hand revealed to viewers at home who are then able to play along by predicting which player will win at the start of every round.

"Face Up Hold'Em adds a new dimension to poker programming – its educational for players, and it offers everyone at home the chance of playing along for real money," said Jim Sibcy, managing director of Poker Zone T.V.. "We think this is a great addition to our channel."

During each stage of the game, viewers get to see the mathematical strength of each players' hand to help make their predictions, and they’ll get to hear live expert commentary from Poker Zone's poker gurus.

"By showing the strength of each hand as the game is played, even seasoned players will learn a thing or two - for example, it's revealing to see how dramatically the strength of a great opening hand, like a king-ace can change when another king appears in one or your opponents' pocket cards. You just don't get this in regular poker shows," said Jean de Fougerolles, CEO of Two Way TV.

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