Omaha Poker Strategy

Want to make the switch from Texas Hold'em to Pot-Limit Omaha? Here's how you do it with expert tips from some of the best Omaha Poker strategists online. Start with our exclusive How Not to Suck at PLO series for best results.


Making the Leap from Hold'em to Omaha

How not to be a fish when playing Omaha online: it's not Texas Hold'em!

18 December 2007
Thang Luu

Pot-Limit Omaha

7 October 2005 17

Raising or Limping Pre-Flop in Pot-Limit Omaha

Learn all about raising or limping pre-flop in this Pot-Limit Omaha strategy article. Understand which...

5 August 2005

Limit Omaha High-Low

This text aims to provide you with an introduction on how to play and win...

12 July 2005 5

Pot-Limit Omaha: The Trap Hands

Trap hands are hands that seem very good but can easily make you a second-best...

13 April 2005

Playing Aces in Omaha High-Low

Pocket aces in Omaha High-Low is one of the most overrated and overplayed hands in...

5 April 2005

Omaha Hi-Lo: Basic Strategy

Tips for play, as well as common errors to avoid, for success at Omaha...

14 March 2005 4

Omaha Hi-Lo: Basic Omaha Starting Hands & Strategy Tips

Detailed advice on which Omaha Hi-Lo starting hands to play. Includes list of premium Omaha...

7 March 2005 18


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