Poker's In and Out List: If You Can't Hang, Don't Bang

Joe Sebok
Seebz was never out ... of our hearts.

They say actions speak louder than words. We say snap judgments posted on the internet speak loudest of all.

That’s why once a week we’re calling it as we see it.

This is Poker’s In and Out List.

Poker’s In List – May 20-27, 2011

Krantz - IN

Jay Rosenkrantz has an impressive resume but he still manages to fly more or less below the radar.

His work includes, but is not limited to, 2 Months 2 Million,, The Micros and most recently the poker documentary Boom.

For his continued dedication to quality content, and having the taste and sense of humor to make it possible, Krantz is squarely “In” this week.

A.J. Jejelowo - IN

In this million-dollar score-saturated poker world a $235,000 WSOPC Regional Championship win barely registers, except when the winner qualifies through a mega satellite and has never even cashed in a poker tournament before.

That’s exactly what happened last weekend in New Orleans when A.J. Jejelowo took a satellite buy-in and turned it into almost a quarter of a million dollars!

Jejelowo gets a spot in our good books this week for living every recreational poker player’s dreams of a big tournament spin-up.

Joe Sebok - IN

We can’t speak for Joe Sebok but it seemed like his UB deal was causing him some stress. In fact, you might even say there’s been some anti-Sebok sentiment floating around some parts of the poker world because of it.

We’re preemptively placing Joe Sebok back “In” now that UB has severed all ties with their pros, Seebz included.

People in poker, and on the internet in general, have short memories. If Sebok can get back to his roots – which mostly consists of finishing 7th in major tournaments on a regular basis – we’ve got no doubt people will remember why Joe became such a staple of the live tournament circuit to begin with.

Poker’s Out List – May 20-27, 2011

Prahlad Friedman
We'll call it a comeback.

Jeff Madsen - OUT

Jeff Madsen being “Out” this week isn’t really a negative judgment of him, just an acknowledgement of Prahlad Friedman’s dominant return to rapping prominence.

With two hits in two weeks Friedman has uncovered his inner L.L. and displaced Madsen at the top of the poker rap world.

Madsen had the edge for a while with his 911 conspiracy-fueled freestyle rants but Prahlad has countered with a spicy Thai-flavored rap that was just right.

The United States of America - OUT

Before we go too far and offend an entire country, we’re only talking about poker here. The USA is still very much “In” when it comes to things like celebrities and fast food consumption.

 As the numbers from the 2011 PokerStars SCOOP illustrate, the online poker world is healthy despite the loss of the US player base on sites like Stars and Tilt.

Numbers were still down from 2011 that drop was moderated by increased attendance from countries like Russia, which experienced a 100% increase in SCOOP registrations, and Greece, whose attendance jumped nearly 300% from 2010 to 2011.

“Ship It” - OUT

No one should ever say “Ship it” unless they are referring to an actual ship, or shipping something via accepted forms of ground or air delivery.

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