Poker's In and Out List: Hat Guy Slays, Cheater Plays

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Pretty much the new Beastie Boys.

Contemporary entertainment rests on two main pillars: Judgment and criticism.

We’ve decided to bring that simple elegance to by reducing the poker world's weekly happenings to two simple lists.

Buckle up and get ready for this week’s In and Out List.

Poker's In List - May 13-20

1. Hat Guy

Prahlad Friedman dropped a new music video this week and unleashed a star on an unsuspecting poker world.

The man who is now and forever known as Hat Guy may have questionable rapping skills and little to no coordination, rhythm or basic motor control, but what he does have is commitment.

Anyone willing to commit to something like this as wholeheartedly as this guy did, and in the face of such obvious potential for ridicule, gets a spot on our “In List” every time.

Calvin Anderson

2. Calvin “cal42688” Anderson

Mexican online poker player Calvin Anderson managed to win two SCOOP bracelets in a 24-hour period this week, always a good bet for getting on the “In List”

cal42688 won the high-stakes version of Event 27 – RAZZ for $46,200 and the medium-stakes version of Event 25 – Stud Hi-Lo for $13,090.

Anderson won the $1.5 Million Guarantee on Full Tilt last March for over $300k, and also won a WCOOP title in 2010.

3. Party Poker

Party Poker has signed on as the official sponsor of’s WSOP Live Coverage this year, buying themselves the best WSOP section in the business and a spot on this week’s “In List”.

This summer we’ll get insider access to players and events at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, all thanks to our friends at Party Poker.

4. Steven Levitt

Steven Levitt, author of the hit book Freakonomics and all-around super smart guy, posted an insightful argument against the Department of Justice’s crackdown on the world’s three biggest online poker rooms.

Levitt has a way of explaining things that just makes sense, albeit a weird sort of sense at times. Click here to read his four-pronged attack on poker prohibition.

5. Patrik Antonius

There’s only one perma-in person for us and it’s Patrik Antonius. Not that it matters to his perpetual standing on this list but Antonius did win $900,000 earlier this week battling Rui Cao and Gus Hansen.

Sure, he lost about $350k back a few days later, but he looked good doing it.

Click here for the win story and here for the loss.

Poker's Out List - May 13-20

1. The Bellagio

The Bellagio earned itself a spot on our “Out List” this week by letting Ali Tekintamgac play in the $25k WPT Championship.

Tekintamgac earned a seat in the season finale for winning the Spanish Championship and it’s suspected even that victory was tainted.

While Tekintamgac hasn’t been found guilty of anything per se, it’s generally acknowledged that he was cheating. The video and photo evidence doesn’t leave much to the imagination and the Bellagio should have protected its players by denying entry to a known cheater.

2. Rich Muny and the Poker Players Alliance

This week Bill Rini put the sentiments of poker players all over the US into words, criticizing Rich Muny and the PPA for a general lack of effectiveness.

sahara casino closing

This came in the wake of Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson stepping down as board members due to potential conflicts of interest.

Rini hits the nail on the head in this article and shows his work all the way through.

3. Old-School Vegas Casinos

Well that’s it. It’s all over. With the official shutdown of the Sahara in Las Vegas this week, the days of the true Rat Pack casinos are over, not to mention our $60 nightly MTT fix.

The Sahara was the last of the old-school casinos. I guess we should just buy Ed Hardy shirts, head over to the Hard Rock and get it over with.

4. Rui Cao

French high-stakes player Rui Cao is out this week, thanks to the flogging he took from Patrik Antonius at the $500/$1,000 heads-up PLO tables.

Cao was having quite a year before he tangled with Antonius on Wednesday, but this session laid waste to his almost $1 million profits in 2011.

5. People Who Use Poker Slang in Every Day Speech

If you “snap-called” that beer special at the bar last night you are definitely out.

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