Poker’s In and Out List: durrrr Speaks, Bharara Reeks

Tom Dwan
durrrr appeared to be taking it all in stride when he appeared on FOX Business this week.

Tom “durrrr” Dwan and US Attorney Preet Bharara take the top and bottom spots on this week’s In and Out List.

It was a particularly eventful week in poker, meaning come Monday chances are you’ll be standing around the office water cooler debating the similarities between Full Tilt Poker and a Ponzi scheme.

We’re here to make it easy for you. We tell you who gets fame and who gets shame this week in poker.

This is the In and Out List.

Poker’s In List: September 18-24, 2011

Tom ‘”durrrr” Dwan: In

Tom Dwan earned the marquee spot on our In List this week thanks to a great interview on FOX Business News where he explained in clear terms that Full Tilt Poker is absolutely not a Ponzi scheme.

Despite looking like a vampire, Dwan pulled off the interview with style, even throwing in a few Ivey-esque sidesteps when asked about how much money he’s made.

Watch the full interview right here.

Greg Raymer: In

Greg Raymer joins Tom Dwan on our In List this week thanks to an interview he did on CNN. With a background in law and a generally reassuring manner of speech, Raymer always seems to have the answers.

In this interview Raymer speaks from personal experience about Chris Ferguson, emphasizes the fact that right now most of the allegations against Full Tilt are just that, allegations, and makes the case for trustworthy, regulated poker in the US.

“All of this really highlights the need for tough US regulation. Right now we’re outsourcing the regulation of online poker to other countries. We’ve got Costa Rica and Gibralter and so on regulating online poker site and these certainly aren’t the countries we’d turn to for regulation of something like the FDA.”

Greg Raymer
As an attorney and a former world champion, Greg Raymer has a unique perspective on Full Tilt's current quagmire.

And even though Greg Raymer and PokerStars parted ways professionally earlier this year, Raymer took the classy route and explained how Stars had in fact paid its former US customers back. He went on to use PokerStars as an analogy to the kind of online poker room Americans need in their own country.

Watch the interview here.

Fall on the French Riviera: In

It’s been a busy few weeks in tournament poker, both online and live, with WPT events in Malta and Atlantic City, and the 2011 WCOOP wrapping up this weekend on That frenetic pace shows no signs of slowing down.

Later this week is taking a skip across the pond for EPT London and then on to the WSOP Europe in Cannes. With EPT San Remo following that it’s more than a month of solid big buy-in tournament poker in Europe.

You can follow the action from those events by keeping an eye on our Live Coverage section and our WSOP Europe section.

Poker’s Out List: September 18-24, 2011

US Attorney Preet Bharara: Out

The US Attorney in charge of the case against the big three online poker rooms, and the civil complaint that now includes Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson and Rafe Furst, has earned himself the number one spot on our Out List this week.

That’s thanks to calling Full Tilt Poker a “global Ponzi scheme”. Either Preet Bharara, a US Attorney, doesn’t understand the basic mechanics of a Ponzi scheme or he made a conscious decision to mislead the public and inflame the situation.

It’s unclear which is the scarier option.

Tony G: Out

Tony G must have been feeling left out with all the attention going to Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson and the Full Tilt fiasco because he seems to have lost it.

He released this video of himself wearing a baby costume, challenging Phil Hellmuth to some sort of €1 million heads-up challenge. While the challenge is interesting, this video is very confusing, and very creepy.

And in true Tony G style he has to have some sort of paid model sitting beside him pretending to be “hanging out”. She does not look comfortable with what’s going on.

People Who Already Busted the WCOOP Main Event: Out

The $5,200 main event of the 2011 World Championship of Online Poker began today and a few big name players wasted no time dusting off their $5k buy-in.

Daniel Negreanu hit a big bump early, getting aces cracked,  and went out with A-K all-in preflop against pocket jacks. Negreanu flopped trip kings but couldn’t dodge a jack on the river.

Anders “Donald” Berg, Noah “Exclusive” Boeken, Ivan Demidov and Chad Brown were also all busted by the time this article was published.

With late registration still open now we don’t have the final numbers but there’s already $8 million in the prize pool.

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