Poker Royalty teams up with Go Big or Go Home Tournament

Poker Royalty, the premiere poker agency representing poker players and properties, announced Monday its partnership with Go Big or Go Home Tournament, LLC.

The agreement will see the agency providing poker expertise and business consulting services for the "Go Big or Go Home Poker Party."

The "Go Big or Go Home Poker Party" will feature poker pros, pro athletes, celebrities, and amateur poker players competing for the $3 million estimated prize pool and a host of other prizes. The event will donate a portion of the proceeds to charity.

So far, Antonio Esfandiari, Michael Mizrachi, and Daniel Negreanu have confirmed their participation, along with L.A. Lakers owner Jerry Buss.

"We look forward to working with Poker Roylaty and making this tournament fun, exciting, and rewarding for the players and the charities," said Zac Hartog, co-founder of Go Big or Go Home Tournament, LLC.

"Rarely has a Celebrity Pro-Am event been played for stakes at such a high level," said Chris Porter, director of corporate marketing for Poker Royalty. "Combining this tournament format with an incredible setting in the Dominican Republic makes this event incredibly exciting."

The No-Limit Texas Hold'em tournament is structured like a professional sports season with league games, playoffs, and finals.

League games will be held at casinos throughout the United States beginning this month, with winners advancing to the playoffs in August. Playoff winners will compete in the finals from September 6-10, 2006, at the Sun Village Resort and Spa in the Dominican Republic.

A Second Chance All-Star Game with a $500,000 winner-takes-all tournament will also be held at the finals, on board a private luxury yacht. Five of the ten seats at the tournament will be filled by pro players and celebrities; three will be filled by losing participants selected via lottery; and the final two will be awarded to separate players at the last two tables of the finals.

The all-inclusive fee for the finals in the Dominican Republic is $15,000, and includes tournament buy-in, airfare, hotel, meals, and incentives at the luxurious resort.

No word has been given as to which charities the event will benefit.

Editor's Note: Poker Royalty is a full-service poker player marketing and representation agency specializing in the poker industry. Players represented by Poker Royalty include Josh Arieh, T.J. Cloutier, Hoyt Corkins, Antonio Esfandiari, Michael Gracz, Gus Hansen, Jennifer Harman, Phil Hellmuth, Erick Lindgren, Michael Mizrachi, Carlos Mortensen, Daniel Negreanu, Evelyn Ng, Gavin Smith, David Williams, and Cyndy Violette.

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